Shut up and eat your word salad.

“Word salad” is actually a clinical term referring to a symptom of mental illness.  But once she burst on the scene, Sarah Palin made that term her own by demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge about anything having to do with government.  Now, more than six years later, the popularity of rambling, incoherent media vomit has never been greater.  The tea party candidates in particular seem to believe that it is not necessary to have a point, make any 218px-Fireworks_in_San_Jose_California_2007_07_04_by_Ian_Kluft_img_9618sense or follow a thread of logic.  One must simply throw the words “liberty” or “freedom” or “our Constitution” into the diatribe.  It’s like sending up fireworks in the dark.  Audiences sit mesmerized and uncomprehending until one of those words shoots up into the sky, then the narrative all connects.  Oooh!  Aaaah!

At Steve King’s (R-Wingnut-IA) “Freedom to Bring On The Apocalypse Fest”, Former partial Governor Palin, a teleprompter malfunctioned and Sarah’s train just kept a rollin’ until it had completely derailed and carved a channel through an Iowa cornfield.  The stunning thing is that the improv was barely indistinguishable from her prepared remarks or the rantings of a particularly inarticulate and bitter schizophrenic.  You could watch the whole train wreck here, if you have the endurance, or you could enjoy some annotated highlights below.

Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee and a host of barely socialized and sociopathic GOP unknowns will vie for the title of least comprehensible and most scary over the next couple of years.  It’s an impressive field, but some of them are going to have to be further lobotomized or overdose on Sterno to catch up with Sarah.